Sno Biz® Treats are Big Business

Sno Biz treats have quickly become some of the most popular treats enjoyed throughout the world. People in all corners of the globe have experienced the unique flavours and refreshing taste of a variety of Sno Biz products. Developed by Crystal Fresh, Inc., the shave ice industry leader, Sno Biz products are unlike any other treats. Owning a Sno Biz operation is an exciting and successful way to be in business for yourself.

  • Unique Products and Business Concept
  • Extensive Industry Experience
  • Steady System Growth
  • Exciting, Fun, Full-Time Business

Fantastic Sno Biz® Flavours Customers Love

From the very first taste, you know that Sno Biz treats are different. They are unbelievably GREAT! Available only through Sno Biz locations, these vibrant, unforgettable true-to-life flavours keep customers coming back for more.

  • The Best Flavours in the Industry
  • Exclusive, Proprietary Flavours make Sno Biz Treats Unique
  • Fresh, New Flavours with Worldwide Product Appeal

Low Investment Rapid Return

Compared to franchise-based treat operations, Sno Biz offers an easy startup with low overhead and food costs. No fees means a quicker return on your investment and a more profitable business.

  • Easy to Start, Simple to Operate
  • No Franchise Fees or Royalties*
  • High Profit Margins

Locations Worldwide

Sno Biz ingredients are dry, shelf-stable products that are easy to ship and store. Their ability to maintain their freshness in any climate makes Sno Biz an ideal business for the global market.

  • Hundreds of Locations in North America
  • Stores in Asia, Europe, South America, Africa,
    and the Middle East
  • Products Accepted by all Cultures

The Sno Biz® System

Similar to a franchise system, but without the fees and royalties, Sno Biz operators enjoy an established distribution system, proprietary products and equipment, as well as training and marketing support. The Sno Biz logo and identity are registered worldwide for universal brand protection and recognition.

  • Local, Regional, National and International Support
  • The Most Recognized Name in the Shave Ice Industry

You're in Business for Yourself, Not by Yourself

As independent business owners, Sno Biz operators take pride in being their own boss, yet receive all of the support they need from Crystal Fresh and their regional distributor.

  • Great Family Business Opportunity
  • Protected Territories and Markets

Ongoing Support

Along with the finest products, Sno Biz owners receive all of the assistance needed to run a successful operation.

  • Store Design and Layout
  • Specially Designed Equipment
  • Marketing Programs and Materials
  • New Product Research and Development
  • Training Programs and Materials

No Franchise or Royalty Fees*

Why pay fees when you don't have to? At Crystal Fresh, our goal is to sell product, not collect fees. We provide Sno Biz owners with outstanding products that pass our rigid quality and uniformity standards, as well as training, marketing and operation support. We do everything we can to make sure each Sno Biz location is successful. By helping all owners operate a profitable business, we ensure growth for the entire Sno Biz System.

* Countries outside of the United States and Western Canada may require fees unique to their market.